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"CHOICEpoint represents the single point of influence

at which we can effect real change in our lives"

Vincent Cubitt

We are all on our own unique journey. Along the way we inevitably have experiences that trigger strong emotional reactions that leave us feeling powerless and out of control. These experiences often leave scars that distort our perception and shape our reality; the mind interprets each new experience through our painful memories, reinforcing the beliefs and preventing us from moving forward. This makes it very difficult to ‘see’ the problem or think our way out of the destructive cycles we create.


I serve as a transformational guide on the journey for those who feel trapped in the dis-ease of their bodies or are lost in the emotional and mental turmoil of their lives. I help my clients develop an awareness that the reactions are actually energetic markers that help us navigate our way out of suffering toward a more connected, healthy and purposeful life


Our Team
Mariette Headshot 3.jpg

Mariette Carstens

Doctor of Medical
Heilkunst and Homeopathy

Counselling Psychologist
Holistic Behaviour Therapist
CEO Inner Connection Consulting
Co-founder of The Well-Being sanctuary

ELA_6290 (2).jpg

Vincent Cubitt

Head of the Choice Point team in Wilderness South-Africa

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Aris Wijnen - Choicepoint

Aris Wijnen

Holistic Health Coach
Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Detox Facilitator

Yoga Teacher

DSC_0054_pp (1).JPG

Mimie Buhrmann


Mindfulness Facilitator

Yoga Instructor

Dr Jon Morley.jpg

Dr. Jon Morely

MBChB Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery

Natural Therapies

Energy Medicine

Functional Medicine

Energy Psychology

CEO Vitali Health Center

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