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Personal Guidance and Support

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Most of us share the desire to live a life filled with purpose and meaning, to be true to our self, to be ‘in the flow’ and follow our deepest calling.
Yet we often find ourselves adrift, confused or depressed. So much of modern existence (the fast-paced tempo at which we choose to work and socialise, the relentless electronic media bombardment we are constantly exposed to, the multitude of addictions that numb rather than sustain us) have the cumulative effect of distracting ourselves and obscuring the inner clarity we seek. Happily, our connection to source is never lost ­– it simply becomes obscured by layers of inner dialogue, often toxic, conditioned mindsets and responses as well as a plethora of self-limiting stories
we choose to perpetuate.


CHOICEpoint’s retreats, which take place in a safe, grounded and uplifting environment, offer you the perfect opportunity to break this cycle,
to do away with the clutter weighing you down. You will be equipped with life-enhancing tools and learn practical methods of reconnecting with your own internal guidance system, rediscovering your vibrancy, connecting with others in a deeply fulfilling manner, living in abundance, and aligning with your soul’s purpose.

Personal Guidance & Support

The first session is about resonance and connection – an opportunity for you to familiarise yourself with the process and ascertain if you feel any resonance with me


Wife / Husband / Lover

Connecting Consciously

Sacred Sexuality


Separation / Disconnection
Family Field


Conscious Parenting

Transitional Phases (Teenagers & Parents)


Finding physical, mental and Emotional balance


Weight loss



Fear & Anxiety

Stress Management

Anger Management

Chronic Dis-ease

Cost per session
(duration – 90min): - $100

Personal Transformation Programs
3 month minimum
(One session per week - $300 per month)


Introduction (3 Day)

Emersion (7 Day)

Integration (14 Day)

Transformational (21 Day)


Extended Transformational Programs

Youth Camps

Apprenticeship Programs

Corporate Team building

 Flow state is your ticket to the present moment...the only place joy exists!

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