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Case Study Two

Road Trip


RL is a 56 year old man, spiritually educated, and at the time, a devotee of Sai Baba and his teachings on the Puranas, the Bhagavad-Gita, and various branches of Hindu thought, for many years.

RL himself was a high level coach, that along with a group of fellow devotees, was involved internationally with humanitarian projects.


I am met RL after a series of events triggered severe panic attacks that plummeted him into the darkness of his being where he experienced chronic anxiety and suicidal depression for almost three year…

A darkness that could not be penetrated by his years of spiritual and martial arts training.


In effect of his ancestral patterns, RL felt completely disconnected from the truth of all that he is, all that he knew, and the connection he felt to Source Consciousness for so many years.

As his mind contracted into a state of fear, his energetic systems started to shut down, affecting his ability to function normally in his life, his health, and quickly was manifesting as pain in his body…

forcing him to pay attention.

Symptomatic expression

Incapacitated by fear and anxiety, RL was overwhelmed by life. He could no longer even make the simplest of choices without suffering a panic attack.

 He could no longer-

  • function in his normal life or business. 

  • even contemplate travelling.

  • teach Tai chi or Qigong.

  • coach clients.

  • interact in any meaningful way with family members and friends.

  • sleep or live without heavy medication.


The anxiety became so intense that he would often gets stuck in bed, feeling paralysed and unable to move. Even when he could get up, he would not be able to leave his room.


Even though he was seeing a psychiatrist, talk therapy was having little effect, and so too with the antidepressants and other mood-stabilising medications that were being prescribed.


RL was constantly overwhelmed by a sense of hopelessness, trapped in endless cycles of anxiety and fear until the thought of suicide became his only hope of relief. 


Transformational Process

In desperation, RL moved onto the Well-Being Sanctuary to start his journey toward a more empowered state.


As a coach with extensive knowledge of the Soul’s journey toward a more enlightened state, RL was desperate enough to put aside what he believed to embrace the ChoicePoint Process…

 A simple natural process that connects each of us to an internal guidance system that leads us on our own very unique path out of suffering.


As we embark on this ‘internal’ journey, we become aware that the suffering that is ‘automatically’ generated by our normal way of living, and manifests most powerfully in the relationship we have with the ones we love the most (intimate or blood bonds)…

has purpose, and is an aspect of the internal guidance system that is leading us toward a more connected, empowered, joyful, and purposeful life. 


No matter what knowledge we acquire, or the daily practises we employ to maintain a sense of well-being, the only thing that truly matters to our development as human beings on a soul level, is how we respond at the moment that life triggers us into a ‘negative’ effect. 


During the first phase of RL’s program, he developed an awareness of this natural process and the power of conscious choice to dissolve the destructive effect that the mind has on our lives.

As he learnt to use his natural body chemistry and physical systems to generate energy in his body, the path out of his state of suffering became more clear.

He was reminded of his deepest purpose for being and developed mechanisms for transmuting the energy that was generated by his ancestral patterns (Identity/state of mind).

His attention was focused on the single point of influence at which all potential exists…

The only point at which we have any power to change.

That moment, when all that we think we are is triggered into effect by life - over which we have no control…

If in that moment, we are aware of our own destructive patterns and take radical responsibility for our reaction, then we are empowered to pull out of effect and make a conscious choice to respond in a different way.

The power of that conscious choice opens up the unlimited potential to dissolve suffering, and for us to create a more empowered, connected, and purposeful life…

An abundant life that is filled with love and joy.


Although RL still oscillates between periods of deep connection, clarity, a joyful life, and the darkness… that intense feeling of disconnection; he now has the tools to endure the suffering, embracing its purpose, and the ability to follow the guidance it provides.


That is the path to true freedom…

Freedom from the ancestral patterns and the conditioned behaviour that cause all suffering and disease…


Freedom from Mind and all that we think we are, so that we may remember our true nature, and step into the unlimited creative potential of all that we truly are…

Eternal Beings of Infinite Potential. 

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