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Vincent Cubitt
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Transformational Guide

Retreat Coordinator

CEO Choice Point

Founder of The Well-Being Sanctuary

As a transformational guide, I facilitate a shift in awareness that allows you to find your authentic voice and empowers you to create the life you want.

As we develop our awareness of this process we realise that our suffering has a purpose and that our relationships with one another and the physical world hold the potential to set us free.


The path leads….


from disharmony, dis-ease and survival to health, happiness and abundance

from dependence and NEED to autonomy and freedom from SUFFERING



….this is the journey we all have to make.


My own journey started very young; In a moment of utter desperation, the stress and fear of my circumstances forced me inward to a place where I found strength and clarity. The gift of that moment 41 years ago, set me on my path toward my freedom from suffering and a deeper awareness of my purpose for being. That has led to the creation of a retreat space where people can come together, to heal naturally, become aware of their Authentic Self and connect with others that wish to live a more connected, harmonious life. 


Read more about my journey


Personal Development

Empower yourself to create the life you want

Realign with your purpose for being

Create flow and abundance in your life

Reconnect with your own internal guidance system

Break free of destructive patterns

Strip away insecurity and fears to find your authentic voice

Live your truth



Physical | Mental | Emotional Balance

Reclaim your health

Detoxify your body

Reboot your immune system


Reprogram your sleep schedules

Build and maintain Stamina

Flexibility, Bone density

Core strength &

Muscular endurance


Wife | Husband | Lover

Family Field

Connect to the truth of all that you are

See the purpose in your relationships

Find the potential in every relationship

Dissolve destructive patterns

and role-plays

Connect consciously

Discover Sacred Sexuality

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