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Develop life-enhancing tools and learn practical methods to reconnect with your own internal guidance system, rediscover your vibrancy, connect with others in a deeply fulfilling manner, live in abundance, and align with your soul’s purpose. 

We are all on our own unique journey. Along the way we inevitably have experiences that trigger strong emotional reactions that leave us feeling powerless and out of control. These experiences often leave scars that distort our perception and shape our reality; the mind interprets each new experience through our painful memories, reinforcing the beliefs and preventing us from moving forward. This makes it very difficult to ‘see’ the problem or think our way out of the destructive cycles we create.


I serve as a transformational guide on the journey for those who feel trapped in the dis-ease of their bodies or are lost in the emotional and mental turmoil of their lives. I help develop an awareness that the reactions are actually energetic markers that help us navigate our way out of suffering toward a more connected, healthy and purposeful life.


Along the way you become aware of the patterns that are holding you back and prevent you from experiencing the joy of all that you are. This deeper awareness allows you to consciously redirect your life force (time, energy, passion) from the destructive cycles that cause pain, suffering and disease to constructive cycles that develop the confidence and life skills needed to become energetically independent.

Only when we are no longer struggling with survival can we really shift our focus internally and get to experience the truth and beauty of all that we are.


The further we travel along this internal path, the more we realize that there is a fundamental process that is constantly drawing us along toward a state of less suffering, that love, harmony and abundance are natural aspects of our Being which manifest as we untangle our mind from the destructive beliefs that we have inherited or assimilated from the world around us.


As we develop our awareness of this process we realize that our suffering has a purpose and that our relationships with one another and the physical world hold the potential to set us free.


Transformational Programs


Each program is consciously ‘designed’ to create a deeper awareness of the individual journey and any destructive patterns that may be causing pain, discomfort and disease.

  • Transformation takes place from the inside out once we realize that there is a purpose to our lives, that the external world is a perfect mirror that reflects all we need to navigate our way out of suffering and that the present moment is the only relevant point of influence

     This shift in awareness stills the noise that life creates in the mind and allows us to become aware of our own inner wisdom and guidance.

  • The journey reveals the self-limiting beliefs that keep drawing us into destructive relationships (food, alcohol, drugs, sex, entertainment, family, friends, lovers, etc.) and changes the thought forms and inner dialog that prevent us from creating a meaningful and abundant life. Once we become aware of the destructive patterns, we start to dissolve the effect they have on our life and align ourselves with our soul’s purpose.

  • Each constructive choice we make empowers us to peel away the layers of need and fear that prevent us from experiencing the truth of all that we are to reveal the authentic self.

As a transformational guide I facilitate a shift in awareness that allows you to find your authentic voice and empowers you to create the life you want.


The path leads….


from disharmony, disease and survival to health, happiness and abundance


from dependance and NEED to autonomy and freedom from SUFFERING




This is the journey we all must make.

Collective Process

Constant evolution of conciousness

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