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Consciously creating a New Reality - A life of health, purpose, joy and abundance.

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

We are alive at a very important time in the evolution of Human Consciousness, a time when we will bear witness to radical changes that will benefit all life on Earth.

With all the chaos that is being artificially stimulated, we are seeing the death throes of the hierarchical structures that were designed to manipulate and control, to harness human life force as a resource, and to suppress the natural development of conscious awareness.

As the drama plays out and these systems fail, humanity will awaken to our true nature, and our purpose for being will be revealed.

The awakening of Human Consciousness will reverberate throughout the realms of creation and usher in an era of enlightenment and conscious expansion on our planet.

This shift is the cumulative effect of a natural process that is taking place within us, but also at every layer of creation. Once we are aware of it, we are able to see this process reflected in everything from the Galactic alignment of the universe to the relationship we have with nature, each other, and our own bodies.

To start creating this new reality, it is essential that we understand the dualistic nature of our creation and the fundamental forces that drive us toward balance and harmony. We need to become aware of the process of our awakening (ascension), and how it affects everything from our health, wellbeing and innate ability to heal, to our relationship with each other and our ability to create a life of joy and abundance.

The Sufi poet Rumi once said, “Out beyond ideas of ‘wrong-doing’ and ‘right-doing’ there is a field. I'll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.”

Those that truly understand Rumi’s quote, have become conscious of this natural process, are on a journey to freeing themselves of suffering, and unlocking the potential of their true nature.

Ultimately, this is a journey that each soul must make to discover that we are eternal beings of infinite potential, powerful creators that shape the structures of reality.

It is this journey that drives the evolution of Consciousness; a journey from...

  • A feeling of disconnection, and the belief that we are separate from each other and the natural world, to the deep awareness of our connection to all of creation.

  • From a state of fear (induced by that belief) and chaos to a state of love (once we have dissolved that belief) and harmony.

  • From need and the suffering it causes, to energetic independence, balance and freedom from suffering.

  • From a feeling of disempowerment to an embodied knowledge that we are each an expression of the creative force that shapes reality, and that we apply that power in our life with each choice we make.

The journey, in and of itself, is the mechanism that dissolves the destructive pattern of creation and is unique for each expression of Consciousness. (Streams of Consciousness represented by the bloodlines, each culminating in the unique expression that is you.)

Volumes can be written to explain the energetic relationships that support the process, but for the sake of this article, I will summarise the key concepts to create a context for the information I would like to share... information I believe is essential to reshaping the world we live in.

  • The mind (the concept of self) holds the energetic patterns that determine our experience of reality and our ability to manifest in the physical realm. It is the processor of all information that we sense and determines the frequency of the energy that we broadcast out into the eternal flow of Consciousness. It is the perception of self that acts as an ‘interface’ between Consciousness (Spiritual Realms) and Creation (Physical/Dualistic Realms). Mind is a field of information, a filter of experience, that function on an individual level to create our personal lives, but also on a collective level to create the ‘man-made’ structures that support life on our planet. (Mind represents the state of awareness at each layer of creation).

  • Creation is the act of Consciousness becoming self-aware; it stimulates manifestation and produces the realms of Duality.

  • Physical reality provides the stage on which the process plays out and is the living ‘memory’ of manifestation. It provides the mirror of our creative ability at each level of creation. (The life we create is the stage on a personal level)

  • Duality generates the flow that draws us into effect.

  • Suffering draws the attention of our Conscious Mind (the creator of our reality) to any destructive patterns/beliefs/needs and motivates us to let go and change. (Make different choices)

  • Lifeforce is the substance of creation (time, money, effort, thought, emotion)

  • Physical discomfort, pain and disease are an urgent call for attention, a warning signal that our system is critically out of alignment. If these warnings are ignored the body’s systems continue to fail until enough pain is generated to catalyse a change, or the Being is able to shed the diseased body and the mind stuck in destructive thoughts forms (beliefs). Death ends the cycle of personal creation and liberates the soul from the limits of the physical realm.

  • Mental/emotional chaos is triggered by our need for external forms of energy to validate the self; it is a reflection of our disconnection and lack of awareness about our true nature beyond mind and body. The suffering draws the mind’s attention to destructive thought forms and beliefs (The pain body and the effect it has on our thoughts and emotions)

  • Separated in form, we are eternally bound in purpose. (Each unique expression of Consciousness is dissolving patterns/ beliefs that cause suffering)

  • Resonance draws us into fields of potential and the flow of our lives.

  • Bonds hold us in that potential until we resolve the interference patterns, or until we create enough pain to destroy the bond with heat (negative emotional reactions) and pressure (stress)

  • Blood bonds provide us with a clear mirror of hereditary energetic patterns and hold enormous potential for resolution.

  • Intimate (sexual) bonds hold unlimited potential to create awareness of our true nature and our purpose for Being.

  • The internal chaos and suffering that is triggered, in effect of another, reflect our lack of self-worth and need for external validation. When these needs (conscious or subconscious) are not met, it triggers and reveals the pain body (inherited and assimilated patterns that are destructive) and activates the mind’s self-defence mechanisms.

  • If we are not aware that the purpose of the relationship is to create awareness of destructive patterns (so that we may dissolve them), then each trigger reinforces the pain body and the mind’s need to protect the self. This prevents us from connecting at the deepest level and negates the purpose of the bond.

  • In effect of another, we are forced to balance the male and female characteristics of mind within the self and the relationship.

The thinking and the feeling The dominant and submissive role plays

The forcefulness and vulnerability

Independence and need

Self-defence and surrender

The doing and the being

  • The emotional state of our relationships therefore directly reflects our level of Awareness.

  • The body is our first creation and reflects our relationship with dense energy, (all we digest and absorb) and the destructive effects it has when we substitute dense energy for the attention & validation we are starving for.

  • It reflects the health and balance of the body’s systems.

  • It reflects destructive energetic needs and imbalances.

  • It draws attention to imbalance by causing discomfort, pain and disease.

  • Our Pain Body is the cumulation of memories (often the perceptions of triggered experiences that have been filtered through our hereditary and assimilated patterns/beliefs). It is the foundation of the mind’s self-defence mechanism that is triggered when needs are not met. Once triggered the pain body accumulates evidence to support the need for self-defence. This effectively blocks the flow of energy in a relationship and prevents us from connecting at the deepest level; the effect is often reflected in the other’s behaviour, validating the perception.

  • Physical Death is the release of the eternal aspect of our Being from a singular expression (shaped by a very unique combination of Influences from the cosmic to the physical environment); an expression that held the unlimited potential for evolution at birth, but through the process of life and the definition of self, has limited the potential to process experience, and stagnated the flow of creation. It is a release from any suffering that the journey through the physical realm may have produced, and reintegration into pure awareness.

  • Procreation is the process by which human consciousness manifests into the physical realm. (Our first act of creation)

  • A new Mind (unique expression of Consciousness) is triggered at conception.

  • The womb of the Devine Feminine acts as a ‘portal’ between the realms of spirit and physical reality.

  • The mother’s state of awareness, health and emotional wellbeing ‘modulates the frequency’ of the new mind that is manifesting a body within her womb.

  • Although a new life is the culmination of both the Masculine and Feminine energetic streams (bloodlines), and holds the potential to dissolve all destructive patterns, the maternal field of influence creates one of the most effective and powerful mechanisms for the evolution of Consciousness.

  • The new mind and body that manifest in the maternal field, initially reflects that influence, and offers the mother an opportunity to face aspects of self during the first cycle of the new mind’s development. (The first cycle ends with loss of baby teeth)

  • The concept of self/identity takes shape as the new life learns language and starts to distinguish itself as something separate from mother and environment.

  • Behaviour patterns that develop between mother and child (caregiver), that trigger ‘negative’ emotional response, reflect energetic patterns that are unbalanced.

  • The maternal bond motivates the mother to seek resolution for energetic patterns that cause emotional turmoil. This process creates the potential for the mother to resolve energetic role-plays within herself. This potential is amplified during the fist cycle between mother and child.

  • As the new life is an extension of the combined energetic stream, parents get to face aspects of self-reflected externally in their creation; the unconditional love they feel, motivates them to seek resolution for any ‘destructive’ patterns they see. (The unconditional aspect starts to dissolve as the young mind develops a self and starts to move out of the parental field of influence around puberty)

  • If parents step into the potential during the first two cycles of the child’s development and dissolve destructive hereditary patterns, the bond between parent and child is strengthened, and the potential in the family field is amplified.

  • If parents have not shifted before the child reaches puberty, the inherent patterns trigger rejection and conflict.

  • The child moves out of the parental field of influence during the third cycle toward independence. They reject patterns they perceived as destructive during their childhood and explores other fields of influence (FOI) that feel resonant.

  • If parents remain trapped in the same layer of perceptual awareness, they slowly loose the potential to change, the body ages and the mind holds the patterns until released in death.

  • During this stage of a parent’s life cycle, the parental field reflects the hereditary patterns and offers an effective mirror for offspring to see their own pattern. The parental field triggers inherent patterns in the offspring that are still unconscious and therefore provides a perfect stage on which offspring may check their level of awareness. (How much effect do the destructive hereditary patterns still hold in my life?)

  • During the last stages of the parent’s life cycle, the adult offspring become the field of influence that has the potential to free the mind trapped in the parental field. As the parent quietly observes the adult offspring successfully integrate new patterns into their life to create wellbeing, the trapped mind stops resisting change and is able to let go of what is perceived as the right way.

During each life cycle, our relationship with lovers and family is the key to unlocking the next layer of our creative potential. It’s an incredible journey, and the more conscious we are of the process, the more beautiful it becomes and the less suffering we experience.

The energetic structures I have described may seem very complex, but in effect, simplify life to a single point of influence... You, here, now.

A focus point where the unique expression of consciousness that is you, is triggered into effect by another field of influence.

If we are clear and present during this interaction, if we take radical responsibility for our reaction, then the potential is created to resolve any destructive (interference) patterns that restrict the flow and potential of creation.

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