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Creating.... the Self

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Manifestation - A unique Point of Influence

There are almost 8 billion expressions of Human Consciousness on Earth, each of us with our own unique personality and set of personal beliefs.

These beliefs and the personality we have constructed, are predominantly based on the Fields of Influence (FOI) that we have either been born into or the ones that we are drawn into effect of in our daily lives.

Some of these FOI are common to all of humanity but as we get closer to the Point of Influence, the effect becomes quite specific until it manifests as the unique energetic signature that is YOU.

Each FOI manifests in physical reality as a set of defining characteristics that determines the structure to every aspect of our Being, from our state of consciousness down to our DNA and the structure of our physical bodies.

We draw on and are limited by these characteristics as we develop our conscious mind and personality in the Creation of Self.

Many of us are aware of the most fundamental of these influences on our personalities, like the fact that we are either Male or Female, the Race, Culture or Religious beliefs that we were born into, or the family field and circumstances that we were raised in; but of course, there is an infinite number of FOI, beyond our awareness, that create effect, determine who we think we are, and how we interact with physical reality.

On the macro end of the scale, we have the fact that we are all aspects of Human Consciousness living on a specific planet that is influenced by every celestial body in the universe, while on the micro end of the scale we are biological entities that are affected by every molecule we ingest and absorb. We are also sensory beings that are affected by everything we see, hear, taste, touch, feel or sense. To top it all off, we then have to take into account that none of those influences are static, but constantly moving and changing.

One could easily be overwhelmed trying to contemplate all the influences that have shaped our Being, so we have to simplify it to a Single Point of Influence….Me, Here, Now.

How does this affect my life... in this moment?

Revealing The Process Becoming aware that everything that we think we are is merely a collection of characteristics, either inherited or assimilated, shifts our perspective to reveal a deeper purpose to this process that we call life.

It brings into awareness that we are not just this mind and this body, but Eternal Beings of infinite potential; that the only limit to that potential in this moment, is our agreement to abide by the defining characteristics of the Fields of Influence (FOI) that have shaped our Mind, and the physical realm as we perceive it.

To experience the truth and potential of all that you are, one has to embark on a journey within, beyond the perceptions of self and the physical world.....beyond Mind itself.

This shift in awareness from the external experience to the internal reveals:

  • That we are Autonomous Beings, each on our own very unique path.

  • That there is an incredible process that is expanding our conscious state of awareness in every moment of our existence

  • That our memories, thoughts, and emotions are functional aspects of the process

  • That pain and suffering draws our attention, focuses our life force, and motivates us to change

  • Every Field of Influence that has a ‘negative’ effect draws our attention to a destructive pattern, creates the potential to dissolve the effect it has in our life, thereby generating Awareness.

  • That the process strips away the destructive thought forms and beliefs that cause our suffering and prevent us from experiencing the truth of all that we are, and have always been.

  • That we have the power to dissolve the suffering in our lives and change the world we live in.

  • That your power resides in every CHOICEpoint.

If you feel resonance with the information we share and would like to change your life, connect and explore the potential.

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