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Curse or Cure - You decide

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Humanity has arrived at a critical CHOICEpoint in the history of our species; a time of intense suffering that has the potential to either free us from the illusion that enslaves us or to lead us willingly into the depths of the fear that lies at the core of our psyche...

a place where we are more strictly and openly controlled, with little to no personal freedom.

Suffering always has a purpose, and at this point, we no longer have a choice that will prevent it. Where we do have a choice is... in how much we suffer, and what happens to humanity once this artificially stimulated pandemic has run its course.

As the narrative around this virus unfolds, there are two distinct paths that lead to the next stage of human existence.

Both inevitably lead to suffering, will eventually unite humanity, and erase the artificial and man-made divisions that have prevented us from seeing ourselves collectively. (Humans have been intentionally divided - Genesis 11, 1- 9 for the curious mind)

However, one of these paths will first lead humanity into the darkness of intense suppression and loss of freedom.

We must choose our path.

Do we simply believe the official narrative and follow blindly as our personal freedoms are eroded under the guise of safety, or do we do our own research and look deeper at the growing number of inconsistencies and obvious exaggerations that have been used to drive the masses into fear.

In this age of information technology, it is easy to manipulate the flow of information and we should all use discernment as we filter through all that we are told. In that process, we should be alarmed at the intense suppression and censorship of free speech, especially when the information being suppressed comes from thousands of doctors and health experts that are contradicting the official narrative. Experts with pure intentions that have sworn an oath to heal others, and do no harm.

If we can step out of the fear and look beyond the walls of our conditioned beliefs, beyond the obvious manipulation and the growing perceptive division, we will start to see patterns in human behavior that unite us in purpose and make us aware that we are so much more than we have been led to believe.

We will become aware that...

▪ we are autonomous Beings that are intrinsically connected to one another and all life.

▪ we are perfect by design and have the most powerful, natural internal self-defense mechanism if we do not compromise it with heavy metals and other toxins (physical, mental, or emotional).

▪ we have the natural ability to heal when we understand ourselves holistically and develop energetic independence (we are addicted to external energy that satisfies our need for attention and validation).

▪ we have an internal guidance system that leads us toward a more harmonious, abundant, and purposeful life – provided we are not anesthetized by medication/drugs or are simply not present to the moment and in our bodies – most of us are lost in the realms of mind, recalling from the past and projecting into the future in an attempt to protect ourselves (this generates stress that disconnects us and drives into dis-ease).

▪ we are powerful creators and have the ability to bring about a reality where suffering is not the driving force to change.

If we choose to come together now during the first phase of suffering that is triggered by this 'pandemic' (and the almost inevitable social and economic collapse that is likely to follow);

if we choose to step out of the fear that is being broadcasted 24/7 and look at the real cause beyond the symptom, then we may avoid the loss of freedom and unimaginable suffering that lies ahead if we don't.

If that thought frightens you...

Let the fear motivate and empower you to take responsibility for the part we have each played in creating this perfect storm.

  • For handing over our sovereign rights as human beings to a system that does not care for life or wellbeing... even though it was supposedly created for that purpose.

  • For giving our power to a system that manipulates our beliefs, destroys our health, murders with impunity (and in our name), and plunders the natural resources of our planet.

  • For getting caught up in the external need for validation that drives humanity's obsessive consumption, the exploitation of our planet, and the destruction of the natural systems that sustain life.

  • For getting distracted by the entertainment that keeps our minds focused on everything but the suffering we feel; suffering that, at its root, is caused by our disconnection from one another and the natural world (our collective purpose is to dissolve beliefs that cause suffering).

  • For slipping into the cocoon of personal comfort and safety and not giving voice to the injustice we see splattered across the face of humanity in its many forms.

Perhaps we can learn from the virus that does not discriminate between male or female, race, nationality, or religious beliefs.

  • Let us take the time to reconnect with our family and reassess what is truly important in our lives beyond the material.

  • Let us come together as humans and take personal and radical responsibility for our health and wellbeing (Our only real protection from any virus).

  • Let us stop depending on external systems that offer a false sense of security and distract us from the potential and truth of all that we are.

  • Let us stop paying our life force (money, time, energy) into any system that does not support life.

We are eternal creators and our purpose is to dissolve any beliefs or patterns that prevent us from experiencing the unlimited potential that flows in abundance through our Being.

All life is on a journey from a state of FEAR (the feeling of disconnection) to a state of LOVE – our natural state beyond the concepts of duality.

In order for us to transcend the eternal suffering that lies embedded in our conditioned mind,

we need to unite and realize that there is a deeper purpose to our suffering;

we need to embrace the evolutionary power that conscious choice holds to dissolve the patterns that cause suffering and to elevate humanity to a state of being that no longer requires it as a motivator to seek balance and harmony.

The present moment is all that exists and each choice we make creates more of the same – or something new.

YOU decide...

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