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Eternally Entangled & Bound in Purpose

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

We all exist at different levels of awareness; each life a unique expression of Source Consciousness. In effect of one another, the potential is created to strip away the layers of perceived self, dissolve suffering and realize the truth of what we are.

As part of our human journey, we are inevitably confronted by the limits of what we have come to believe, and struggle to find meaning and purpose in the chaos and suffering that often presents itself.

We have been taught that we have to do things out there to make ourselves better, to ensure that we have enough, that we are enough, to be safe and secure...

that we are loved and cherished.

So we search externally for what is causing our suffering and for the solutions.

We expend all of our life force in pursuit of what we think will make us feel safe, acceptable ....loved.

We obsessively construct this thing we think of as self and rarely get a quiet moment to experience the truth of what we are, what we have always been. The noise generated by our minds prevents us from hearing or feeling our authentic self and creates the illusion that all we are… is MIND.

The thing is, we were never taught that we are so much more; that there is an internal journey we all must make to reveal the truth of what we are; that there is a purpose to being human, a simple purpose that unites all of humanity. We do not know that this fleeting moment that we call… ‘this life’, is part of an endless process by which the collective field of Consciousness dissolves patterns (beliefs) that cause suffering.

So we fear death.

Like a leaf on the tree converts sunlight into chemical energy to nourish the tree and help it grow, so our mind and body are processing energy to evolve our Being.

During the initial phase of our journey, most of us become so distracted by the external process, so attached to this mind and this body, that we forget; we are not the leaf on the tree, we are the Eternal Tree itself. We are all unique expressions of human consciousness, separate in form to create an effect, but energetically entangled and bound in purpose.

In effect of one another, an opportunity is created to find resolution and dissolve the suffering that each relationship brings to our awareness.

To step into the potential that each relationship creates, we have to shift our attention from the external to the internal, from what is triggering us, to what is being triggered.

Trust the process...

If you feel resonance with the information we share, and would like to change your life, connect and explore the potential.

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