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Eternally Entangled & Bound in Purpose

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Humanity is changing, our way of being is evolving and each one of us is participating in this process in every moment of our lives, whether we are aware of it or not.

As we process the experiences of our lives, our Mind is slowly accumulating information and ‘ascending’ through layers of Conscious Awareness. (Ascension Process – from a state of fear and perceived disconnection to an empowered, more connected state of love)

When we look externally at the world we are creating it may be hard to believe; some may only see the destructive aspects of human creation reflected in our present state of existence...

Poverty, Hunger Disease, Distraction, Greed, Pollution, Manipulation and Violence.

In all of which, I see... purpose.

What you see will depend on where you find yourself in the process of your awakening;

the slow and gradual stripping away of layers of perceived self and conditioning...

to reveal the truth of all that you are, and all that you have always been.

That truth is embedded in our Soul under layers of limiting beliefs and false perceptions; for those yet to awaken, it lies beyond the veil of the Conscious Mind and requires a radical shift in perception, and conscious intention, to uncover.

The journey of awakening is unique for each of us and feels extremely personal, but once we are able to look beyond the surface details of our lives, we find that the underlying process is exactly the same.

In this dualistic realm, the journey is also distinctly experiential, so no matter what you hear, read, or have been taught, you will never feel the truth of any information until you have applied the knowledge you have gained from it in your life, and feel the benefit thereof.

To me, this image is symbolic of the process that drives our evolution and creates the potential for humanity to awaken to its full potential.

It represents the primary division in Consciousness between the Masculine and the Feminine Principles and signifies the importance of our connection to one another as the link between physical reality and the Energetic Realms of the Eternal Soul.

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