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Life is a Mirror

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

The relationship that we have with members of our family provides a clear mirror of our inherited patterns if we understand the dynamic, and know what to look for. Unfortunately, it is not always obvious to the eye and the analytical mind.

Depending on the Fields of Influence (FOI) that each individual was conceived under and the influences they draw from as they create their personality, each member of the Energetic Stream expresses the patterns in a unique way and one has to look a little deeper than what appears to be obvious.

When we think about the FOI that have affected each expression of Human Consciousness, or even just the ones in our bloodline, the concept quickly becomes overwhelming and confusing. We have to consider the State of Human Consciousness at the moment of conception, the Cosmic Influences, and Genetic Influences...

all at a specific moment and place (Point of Influence) in the Eternal Flow of Consciousness.

We also then need to consider the influences that have affected the development of the manifesting fetus in the womb, like the mother’s state of Being (Physical – Mental - Emotional), and some of the Macro FOI that the baby is born into; the Sex (Masculine/Feminine), Ethnic group and Culture, the Religion (Moral Base), Nationality (Social/Political) and every other collective Field of Influence, down to the specific Area and Circumstances.

Trying to consider it all becomes too much for the mind but does emphasize just how unique each expression of Human Consciousness is.

A unique Point of Influence with unlimited potential is created when all that has influenced the formation of your Mind in the ‘Quantum’ or ‘Spiritual’ Realm meets the HERE and NOW in the Physical Realm.

If in THIS MOMENT, you are experiencing pain, discomfort, or disease, it means your awareness has been drawn into sharp focus on your suffering and a CHOICEpoint has been created.

This Point of Influence holds the potential to start dissolving the suffering and changing your experience of life.

To step into that potential you need to ‘look’ beyond the mind and its constant analysis of the ‘facts’, beyond your perceptions and beliefs, beyond the obvious external ‘cause’ of your pain;

you need to simply look into the mirrors of your life to see the destructive patterns that are so clearly reflected and then... change them.

These mirrors offer only the truth, no blame, no shame.

The body is our first mirror.

It clearly reflects our relationships with all energy that we are either digesting or absorbing and draws our awareness to any imbalance or blockage.

If we ignore the early symptoms, the body eventually will force us to pay attention with discomfort, pain, or chronic disease.

If that is not enough to motivate us to change, our body eventually shuts down and death releases us back into the eternal flow of Consciousness.

The early symptoms are clear and unambiguous but become more complex and destructive the longer we ignore them. Many of them are obvious but not uncomfortable, so we tend to justify them instead of understanding the clear communication and choosing to make the necessary adjustments.

To heal at any level, we need to become empowered. We need to educate ourselves about what it takes to heal and maintain the body’s systems… NATURALLY.

We cannot blindly trust any external system to keep us healthy or to tell us what is wrong and how to fix things.

To make use of the body as an effective mirror we need to understand that, by ‘design’, it is perfect and can heal itself of almost anything.

We do not yet believe this simple truth because it is not reflected in our physical reality, and certainly has not been confirmed by THE SYSTEM.

To discover this truth (In fact, all truth) we each need to make the journey from dependence to autonomy; we have to empower ourselves and take responsibility for our health and our healing.

On this quest, we have a few obstacles to overcome.

The first is that we have been taught to blindly trust ‘authority’ or externalized systems of power and control and NOT to develop our own internal guidance system that naturally drives us toward balance and growth.

The systems we have created reflect our lack of understanding and reinforce our destructive patterns until we are strong enough to step out of the apparent protection they provide, and into our own power.

Unfortunately, stepping out of the system is almost impossible without one experiencing a complete failure of the system or enough pain and desperation to seek an alternative.

The second is that we are confused by all the variables and do not know what to believe so we cling to our faith in the system.

In this age where most information is available to the individual, the first step to empowering oneself is relatively simple…. educate YOURSELF. Research what it takes to naturally support the body’s systems; learn about the importance of nutrition, hydration, sleep, exercise, and the elimination of toxins.

  • Set your intention to balance out each of these basic aspects of wellbeing

  • Be drawn by what interests or excites you and choose accordingly

  • Choose to make changes that are easy to incorporate into your life (time/cost/accessibility)

  • Set yourself achievable goals

Every choice you make that aligns with your wellbeing strengthens you; every goal you achieve empowers you.

Repeat that choice consistently until it requires no effort.

Before you know it, your life will have changed for the better.

The third and greatest obstacle for the mind as it ‘looks’ into the mirror, is the belief that we are separate from one another; that even though we are bonded to family by blood and lovers through intimacy, and share deeply with them, we are ultimately separate on our journey through life.

We think of ourselves as single entities disconnected in time and space; from everyone and everything around us, from all that has passed and all that is to come.

That simply is not so, but is a truth that cannot be taught or learned; it is a truth that can only be experienced as we explore our inner world, dissolve our definitions of self, and free ourselves from the effect of MIND.

On our internal journey, we slowly become aware that the mind is not who we are, but is a functional aspect of the process by which Consciousness evolves; that it is the veil that ‘separates’ us from all that we are and allows us to experience all expressions of Consciousness subjectively. We become aware that we are the quiet observer that watches the mind as it reacts to the reality we create, and learns.

As singular expressions of Consciousness, we are separated in form to create effect, but energetically entangled and bound in purpose.

This feeling of being separate is an energetic state that is triggered at the moment of conception when two energetic steams merge and a new life starts to manifest in the physical realm; a single Point of Influence with the potential to dissolve any destructive ancestral patterns… in one being, in one lifetime.

As the mind starts to develop and becomes self-aware, that feeling of being separate triggers the thoughts that we are not enough and drives us to connect, to learn, grow, and be more.

The belief that we are separate (lack of connection) generates all destructive patterns that create suffering and motivates us to seek resolution; it is a functional aspect of duality that provides the impetus for the evolution of Consciousness.

If on your personal journey you are experiencing suffering on any level, the potential has been created for you to focus your awareness and dissolve any beliefs/habits/patterns (Mind) that are causing pain and preventing you from experiencing the joy, abundance, and health that are your natural state of being.

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