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The Journey out of Suffering

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Most of humanity is so preoccupied with the struggle of making a living or simply trying to survive, that we cannot even imagine that there is a different, much simpler path out of suffering and our present state of being.

Collectively, we still exist in a state of fear (survival) and create our lives and systems based on the egocentric belief that our intellect elevates us above the natural world and determines our ability to survive and thrive as something separate.

We believe that if we learn enough about how the world works ‘out there’, and dedicate most of our life force to working hard to afford everything we need, then we will feel the joys of life. These beliefs are reinforced as we look out at the world and see the evidence reflected in the world we have created.

The more we look at the details, the more we analyze and think about it, the more we create from our present state of existence (Fear), the further we get from the simple truth of what we are, and all that we seek.

To experience the truth and potential of all that we are, we each have to embark on a journey within, beyond the perceptions of self and the physical world.....beyond Mind itself.

We are each an expression of Source Consciousness, the creative force that determines the structure of reality at every level of existence, and ultimately, we hold that potential in our lives.

Up to this point in the evolution of human consciousness, we have been driven by our need to understand our true nature and express that potential.

During the first phase of our development, our understanding of life has been determined by our ability to interpret, analyze, and process information about our external environment received via our physical senses. This external focus was an essential phase (constructive aspect) of our early evolution and needed to ensure the survival of the species, but that is no longer the truth.

We are no longer in actual survival, so the scarcity and suffering we experience worldwide are symptoms of the destructive aspect of the same pattern. Our external search for validation, purpose, and meaning is now out of balance and is slowly forcing Humanity to a CHOICEpoint…

CHANGE or face the very real possibility that we will not survive our relentless consumption of natural resources and our lack of self-awareness.

This pattern is also clearly reflected in our own personal journey toward self-awareness. During the first phase of our development, we live and learn… ‘Outward In’.

From the moment we first become self-aware, we focus our attention externally to satisfy our needs for sustenance, attention, comfort, love, security, and validation. (Dense or external forms of energy)

Our present reality and the systems we have created, reinforce the belief that this is how the world works, so we dedicate much of our life force to doing what we believe we need to, to ensure that income.

The problem is, even when we get what it is we have worked so hard for, things are constantly changing and inevitably, we ending up needing more. For most people, this need dominates our lives and the expenditure of our life force, sacrificing what is most important…our relationships with lovers, family, and friends.

This outward doing and the need to be more, or the feeling that we are not enough… not whole, goes much deeper than the egocentric self trying to validate its existence; it stems from Soul’s need to feel the true essence of our being beyond the construct of physical reality and the limiting beliefs of Mind. It is a reflection of our need to re-connect to our God-Self and the creative force that flows through our being

Once we shift our awareness inward and take radical responsibility for our choices, actions, and reactions, we quickly become aware of our destructive patterns and realize that we create from our state of Mind; that the reality we experience is created from what we believe and feel; that our reality manifest from the inside out.

This shift in our awareness triggers the second stage of our journey toward self-awareness, a life of less suffering where we live and learn…. ‘Inward Out’.

Without the mind needing to process all the external variables, it can now focus on one simple truth, how life makes you feel. If that feeling is in any way negative it draws your awareness to your destructive beliefs/patterns and creates an opportunity to dissolve the effect they have in your life.

The external world becomes a mirror that reflects your internal reality and guides you on your internal path toward health, joy, abundance and your freedom from suffering.

If you feel resonance with the information we share and would like to change your life, connect and explore the potential.

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