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The present moment is your only real Point of Influence.

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

You are a Single Point of Influence in the eternal flow of Consciousness...

A unique expression of Self-awareness.

Everything you believe you are, every thought, every emotion, and every reaction has a purpose and is slowly drawing you into the awareness that you are a powerful creator, here to awaken your conscious mind to the truth of all that you are.

While we are externally focused, our minds are distracted by the countless number of variables it has to process to ensure its survival; it is constantly holding onto the past to interpret the present, then projecting into the future to protect the self and to avoid pain.

That means we are rarely in our bodies or present to the moment, we are in Mind remembering the past or projecting into the future.

The more we think about it and focus on the details, the more complicated we make it and the more variables we create.

The simple truth is that there is only one point at which we have any power to change our lives... the present moment.

When we shift our awareness internally to what we feel and take radical responsibility for our reaction when we are triggered into effect, all the variables of the external world fade away leaving the mind with one simple task... understanding what has been triggered within the self.

If we do not project outwardly onto that over which we have no control, then clear patterns emerge that reveal our destructive conditioning and Ancestral Patterns. (We are not taking responsibility for the external event, we are taking responsibility for how we react to it).

Remember... It Is What It Is!

When we force the mind to look deeper into the layers of our reaction, beyond all the obvious answers it will come up with, we find that the reaction usually relates to a distorted concept of Self or a lack of self-worth.

(These reactions are also triggered more easily when our energy is low)

Whatever the external event, it is not as important as how it makes us feel.

We all live in our own perceptive reality with the mind interpreting what is happening 'in the moment' through the filter of past events. More often than not, our pain is caused by our thoughts and the way we process information.

When we are triggered, the pain/suffering draws our attention to the present moment and creates awareness of our destructive patterns; this generates a CHOICEpoint at which we can start to reprogram the mind and the body to create a more balanced and purposeful life.

The consistent choice to do that which aligns with your wellbeing:

  • disciplines the mind and empowers you to consciously direct your life force into more constructive patterns

  • generates willpower that is necessary to break destructive patterns and also enables us to exercise greater control when we are triggered into reaction.

Change your Mind - Change your Life

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