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Need causes Suffering

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

At the 2020 Golden Globe awards, Joaquin Phoenix delivered a heartfelt and emotional speech, drawing attention to some of humanity's destructive patterns, he perfectly demonstrated our sole (or Soul’s) purpose for being. He spoke of commonality, a collective purpose as we struggle against injustice in its many forms.

In those few magical moments, with millions watching, Joaquin stepped into his truest purpose and focused the attention directed toward him for his artistic expression, toward humanity's only real cause… Our disconnection and the suffering it causes.

At the root of that suffering lies the belief that we are something separate, that we function independently of one another and the world around us.

This belief, which is supported by our sensory-based and egocentric perception of reality, has focused our attention on the symptoms we see manifesting in the body, our lives, and the systems humans create. It has also distracted us from a deeper truth.

In general, our study of human behaviour and biology has focused on the symptoms we see manifesting. These have been categorised into diseases and disorders without a deeper understanding of the system as a whole or the underlying cause. From this very specific and limited perspective there are too many variables to process, too much information for us to ‘see’ the big picture, the more we focus on the details, the further we get from the simple truth.

Thankfully, we are at a unique place in our evolution, a time when our external search for meaning and purpose has created an opportunity for humanity to collectively step into the next level of awareness.

A new awareness that will propel human existence toward a more harmonious and purposeful state of being.

Up to this point in the flow of human evolution, our subconscious needs to understand what we are, has driven humanity to explore the limits of our creative ability. This drive has led to the development of technology that both mimics and enhances our abilities, from the mechanical devices that extend our physical capabilities, to computer and information technology that mimics the mind, our natural connection we have to one another, and the energetic relationships we develop to satisfy our energetic needs.

On the individual level, we are now able to see, in digital form, how we project ourselves into the world in exchange for the energetic income that determines the state of our relationships with one another, and essentially shapes our identity and all we think we are.

We may think of sustenances as food but do not yet understand that money, attention and validation are also forms of energetic income that are needed to sustain the health of the human system while we are externally focused and in a state of fear.

As the technology creates awareness of our need for less dense forms of energy, we will slowly see patterns in our behaviour, we will start to understand that we usually Give to Receive and that we are triggered into suffering when that expectation is not met.

The suffering draws attention to the part of Self that does not yet feel whole, the part that does not yet feel empowered and needs external energy to elevate us into a state of love. (Our natural state beyond the limiting beliefs of duality)

It is our belief that we function separately and are insignificant in comparison to the grandeur of the natural world and the complexity of all that humans have created.

We dare not think, or believe, that we are an expression of the creative force that shapes physical reality, and that we hold the same creative potential in our lives; that we are an aspect of what many would call... God.

This technological extension of our senses is also creating awareness of humanity on a collective level, a ‘higher’ perspective that enables us to see patterns in the chaos of our suffering beyond the individual details.

It is the awareness of these patterns, individually and collectively, that empowers us to step into the full creative potential of our Being, and to make a choice that is different from everything that preceded that moment.

That ChoicePoint drives the evolution of Consciousness.

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