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The Wounded Child

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Many of us get stuck in the Wounded Child part of our story because our painful memories become the foundation of our identity (who we think we are); our Mind constantly creating and recreating the narrative in an attempt to find some sort of resolution and a release from our inherent suffering.

It analyses the details, categorizing the ‘facts’, but resists stepping out of the comfort zone of any belief system already in place. That means, every new bit of new information is first filtered through the inherited patterns and rejected unless it carries the stamp of verified fact. (Religious, Scientific, Socially accepted.....'FACT')

That makes change slow and painful as we shift our attention from the rigid external world and set off on our internal journey toward Freedom (from suffering) and Empowerment.

The Mind is on an endless quest to understand what is going on in our world so that it can protect us from pain. Every reaction sets it off on a different tangent seeking a better way until it has created enough pain and discomfort to realize that there is only one common denominator to all the scenarios that keep playing out...The Self.

The truth is that the pain and suffering we create are a catalyst for our personal evolution and, by extension, the evolution of Consciousness itself.

From our limited perspective, we can only think of ourselves as individuals on our own separate journey. We cannot yet understand that we are all connected and learn, not only as individuals, but together as Couples, Families, Bloodlines, Cultures, Religions, Expression of Human Consciousness, or any other Field of Influence (FOI) from which we have drawn the characteristics of our Identity.

In the Process... there is no Time, no Right and Wrong, no Life and Death, there is just the Evolution of Consciousness.

If we personify it, we could say that Consciousness does not care WHEN we learn or HOW we learn; only that we become aware of the destructive patterns that manifest in physical reality and then through the creative power of conscious CHOICE, we transmute them.

For many of us, the pain and suffering have become an accepted part of our reality as we simply struggle to survive. We numb ourselves with alcohol, drugs, food, entertainment, sex and work until we no longer feel the pain of our NEED and the perceived disconnection from Self and Source....

Consciousness does not care.

If the pain and suffering manifesting in your life is not enough to change your mind, then you will create a life where you will experience the pain of your children and the consequences of all you believe...

perhaps that will do the trick.

If that is still not enough, it will be left to them to shift the ancestral patterns and create the potential for you.

If all else fails, death will release you from this restrictive mind and body to allow you to fulfil your purpose in the next expression.

It’s a little like an Evolutionary relay race for Eternal Beings.

  • We inherit the baton of energetic patterns that prevent us from experiencing the full potential of our Being and spend our life force processing any destructive patterns.

  • When our children are born, an opportunity is created for us to experience ourselves externally and find a resolution for any destructive role plays that manifest in the relationship. The love and responsibility we feel encourage us to find a better way of life for them.

  • For the first cycle of their life (+-7 Years - while they are becoming self-aware), we are running toward them with the baton and because their conscious mind has not yet become fully Self Aware, there is a powerful opportunity to dissolve the density of the patterns before we hand it over.

  • Once they become fully Self Aware (Loss of baby teeth), memory is active and identity has formed. They have taken hold of the baton and for the next cycle, both parent and child are drawn into effect of the Parental Field of Influence (PFOI). The child starts to compare itself to the world around them, their perception filtered through the lens of inherited patterns and, for the first time, start to feel that they are not enough...their pain body has started to form.

  • By the end of the second cycle (Puberty), the baton slides out of the parent’s grasp, restricting the influence on the developing mind as the child slowly but surely moves out of the PFOI toward independence. If there has been no shift in the parent’s patterns (field), the child often starts to rebel or reject the parental influence and judges any destructive patterns it has experienced. (The repulsion is similar to the effect created when trying to force together two magnets with the N pole facing each other)

  • By the time the child becomes an Adult, the mind has assimilated new characteristics from the many Fields of Influence (FOI) it has been drawn into during the creation of a unique Self. The unchanged PFOI then becomes a gauge of where the 'Wounded Child' still has resonance with the destructive ancestral patterns... a clear mirror from which to learn.

  • In the final stages of the Cosmic Dance between Parent and Child, the influence shifts to the younger, more evolved field. If the Unchanged Parent gets to experience (Quietly observe) their children in a state of greater harmony or balance, and abundance, an opportunity is created for the mind to let go of rigid beliefs and for them to be released from the Ancestral Patterns.

If you feel resonance with the information we share, and would like to change your life, connect and explore the potential.

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