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"Choicepoint represents the single point of influence

at which we can effect real change in our lives"

Vincent Cubitt

Most of us share the desire to live a life filled with purpose and meaning, to be true to our self, to be ‘in the flow’ and follow our deepest calling.

Yet we often find ourselves adrift, confused or depressed.

So much of modern existence (the fast-paced tempo at which we choose to work and socialize, the relentless electronic media bombardment we are

constantly exposed to, the multitude of addictions that numb rather than sustain us) have the cumulative effect of distracting ourselves and obscuring

the inner clarity we seek. Happily, our connection to source is never lost ­– it simply becomes obscured by layers of inner dialogue, often toxic,

conditioned mindsets and responses as well as a plethora of self-limiting stories we choose to perpetuate. 

CHOICEpoint’s retreats, which take place in a safe, grounded and uplifting environment, offer you the perfect opportunity to break this cycle,

to do away with the clutter weighing you down.

You will be equipped with life-enhancing tools and learn practical methods of reconnecting with your own internal guidance system,

rediscovering your vibrancy, connecting with others in a deeply fulfilling manner, living in abundance, and aligning with your soul’s purpose.

Our retreats are all based on the following pillars of wellbeing

The purpose of our retreats is to empower you to create the life you want

Personal Development

Process work creates an acute awareness of how your beliefs and thoughts inform your reality. Through tracking your reactions and understanding the purpose of your relationships you soon become aware of the underlying patterns that create destructive role-plays with loved ones and the world around you. You gain experiential understanding of how you are responsible for attracting everything in your life and are equipped with powerful tools for radically transforming your life.


A detoxification programme to cleanse the body at cellular level.

Juices to flush the liver, boost the kidneys, heal the gut and reduce inflammation.

All health starts in the gut


All the wonderful meals we serve

are plant-based, organic, nutrient dense

and grown in our own garden

or locally sourced.

Alignment, Balance & Freedom

Think of the body as a tuning fork for creating mental and emotional harmony.

Our retreats incorporate

Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gung and

Intuitive Movement (Conscious movement mediation also known as Conscious Dance) to calm and clear the mind,

and get the energy flowing.

When required the programmes also include Cardiovascular and strength conditioning.

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