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The intention of our Youth Camps is to provide a safe and natural environment in which our children can explore all that they are; to create fun and exciting ways for them to connect with one another and nature, but also to connect to that which is special inside each of them. 

Independance and autonomy

Some do it sooner than others, yet every girl and boy need tools to learn how to differentiate themselves from their parents, siblings and peers.

Authentic power and expression

More than ever, the youth of today is exposed to enormous societal pressures of conformity. We equip them with the confidence to find and express their own uniqueness and authenticity.


In helping youngsters to become aware of their own fears and insecurities, we set in motion a process of transformation that is big of heart, small of ego. Authentic leadership emerges from this fertile soil.

Action instead of apathy

Today’s children spend vast amounts of time every day engaged with technology. Our Youth Camps help them to engage with nature, be it hiking, planting trees or vegetables, horse riding or swimming in the lake or river. In the process, they become more integrated and resilient beings.

Skills that transcend the classroom

At camp, children learn to problem solve and to socialise in a positive manner through group interaction. Social intelligence and emotional intelligence take centre stage through conflict resolution, compassion and inclusion in a supportive team environment.

Process Work

Developing an awareness of the incredible journey between parent and child and the inherent potential in this relationship for dissolving destructive ancestral patterns. As a component of the Youth Camp, parents are encouraged to join their children for a weekend to participate in the conscious parenting workshop and family activities. 

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